Architecture and Development

Green Architecture

Koch Architecture & Development, a member of Build It Green, is a residential architectural practice dedicated to improving building efficiency and reducing building impacts on the environment and your health, by building green. Lyndsay Koch, a residential green architect, works out of Rockridge (Oakland), serving the entire San Francisco Bay Area.

By designing spaces that are not larger than needed, oriented to maximize daylighting, and efficient in layout, we manage to reduce materials, waste, and often times – cost!

It is true that building with certain “green materials” may end up costing more upfront, such as buying double-paned low-e windows, using higher R-valued insulation, or installing an instant hot-water heater. However, items such as these help reduce the cost of running a household, and in addition to trimming down utility bills, add to the comfort of your home. Building ‘green’ also means using salvaged materials and fewer materials, which can reduce costs for a project.

We encourage our consultants to find ways to think about the environmental impacts of each project. Structural Engineers may be able to reduce the amount of lumber in their framing, and Landscape Architects can call for plants that require less water.