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GreenPoint Rater

The GreenPoint Rating is a quantitative evaluation of a house, multi-family project or mixed-use building that awards green points based on a set of criteria established by Build It Green. Lyndsay Koch is a certified GreenPoint Rater with Build It Green. She is qualified to conduct GreenPoint inspections for new homes that are under construction, and can provide a GreenPoint rating for the home or development.

Contractors, homebuilders, or developers may use the GreenPoint rating in their promotional materials when selling or marketing the home. It is expected that the GreenPoint rating will be included on the MLS listing so homebuyers will have a reference point when shopping for ‘green’ homes. Furthermore, companies such as Valencia Mortgages offer mortgage incentives for green homes.

It is best to have the rater involved in your project as soon as possible, so that advice may be given early on. A rough and final on-site inspection is required for the GreenPoint rating to take place. Furthermore, a set of Construction Drawings and further documentation, such as cut sheets, are essential to the process.

The GreenPoint rating program is not yet available for home additions or commercial projects but Build It Green will be launching this program soon. Also note that GreenPoint ratings may not be performed on existing houses, since verification of the materials used in the walls, ceilings, and such is a must.

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